Custom Guild Settings

Threadstorm is able to be customized to various degrees to fit into your server. This page aims to outline what it can do to meet your goals.

Possible settings

  • Cooldowns
  • Bypassing Cooldown
  • Categories
  • Prefix
  • Inactivity timer
  • Whitelisting .tmake
  • Cleanup


Currently, Threadstorm does not provide custom per-guild cooldowns. This is a planned feature but will take time to implement.

Bypassing Cooldown

This is possible. If you wish to bypass the cooldown, there are two things that must be done first.

First, you must enable admin_roles to be allowed to bypass. This can be done by running .settings admin_roles or .settings ar. You will get a confirmation message and the current setting.

Secondly, you need to add roles that are allowed to bypass. To do this, you will be using the .settings ar command again. Except this time, you will be adding on the roles you want to be able to bypass the cooldown. The roles can either by mentioned (preferred), typed, or provided with an ID. If you opt to spell out the role, just be aware it is very fussy. It's case sensitive and if a role as a space, it must be encased in quotes.

Example: .settings ar @Admin "Power User" Silver

Te above example will add three roles to the list allowed to bypass. Admin, Power User, and Silver. If you want to add more, simply invoke the command again with the roles you wish to add. If you want to remove roles, run the command again with the roles you want to remove. This command can dynamically add and remove roles at the same time so if you do .settings ar "Power User" Bronze you will remove the bypass ability of Power User and also let the role named "Bronze" bypass the cooldown.


By default, a cateogry is made in your server where all threads will initially go. This should not be deleted. Doing so will make the bot really sad and possibly result in Threadstorm losing track of currently active threads. However, you can move and rename this channel to your will.

In addition to the default channel, you are able to make more categories for your server for even more organization. These categories are less dynamic as in order to have a thread put in it, they will need to be invoked in a special channel. To create an additional category, simply run .tcreate name_of_category_here. You can use spaces in the category name. For this to work, both the invoking user and bot will need the manage_channels permission.

After running this command, you will see your desired category in your server and a channel in it. This channel is to be used to make threads for that particular category. The same rules apply to this category as the default. Try not to delete it. You can rename it if you really want, move it, change the permissions, whatever. Just don't delete it. If you change the permissions, double check to make sure Threadstorm has all the permissions it needs.


You can set a custom prefix for your guild so Threadstorm doesn't interfer with other bots. There is no real limit on how long the prefix can be. To change the prefix, run .settings prefix new_prefix where new_prefix is what you want the prefix to be. You will need the manage_guild permission to run this command.

Inactivity timer

3 days simply doesn't work for some servers. Maybe you want 1 day, maybe you want 300. It's up to you. But there is a setting that let's you change how long a thread needs to be inactive before it gets deleted. Inactive means a message that isn't Threadstorm hasn't been sent in the channel for your guilds inactivity timer amount.

If your timer is set for 30 days, it will take 30 days of no messages being sent in that channel for them to be marked for deletion.

To set this timer, invoke .settings timetodead 5. Supply whatever number you wish but just know this will be days. Integers only.

Whitelisting .tmake

It is possible to limit who can make threads in your guild. The process is similar to adding roles that can bypass the cooldown. To do this, run .settings ur or .settings user_roles. After the confirmation, run the command again with the roles you wish to allow. Refer to the Bypassing Cooldown section for who to add/remove roles.

NOTE: This setting does not care what permissions you have in the server. If you don't have a role Threadstorm is looking for, you will not be allowed to make threads. So make sure you add all roles you want to whitelist.


By default, Threadstorm will delete messages used to create threads while leaving the success message displayed. This behaviour can be changed by running .settings clean. This can greatly increase the amount of clutter in a channel so it's suggested to keep this on the default settings (ON).