Getting Started

Regular user

If you are not a server owner or moderator, this is you. You have one command available to you until you make your first thread. That command is .tmake. This is the command that powers Threadstorm. There are multiple ways to use this command but the very basic version of usage can be seen in the demo below:

That's it. You have created a thread for the most on-topic channel to ever exist in Discord! Congradulations!

Managing Your Thread

If for some reason you messed up when you made your thread, fear not! There are way to correct your errors! When you are in your thread, you have an additional command available to you, .tedit. This command let's you edit any of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Picture

Title will completly replace the thread title. Use this if you need to make your title more clear for others. An example of using this is .tedit title This is my new title. Unfortunatly, Discord does not allow spaces in channel names, so the actual channel name will have dashes. But the original message for the thread will be modified with your new title.

Body will only append text to you thread. Don't think you can go back and fix that spelling mistake. Useful for clarifications or to expand on your topic. If you are asking why I opted for this, it's simple. The original context of a message is important. If the original context changes in anyway, all of the messages in that thread are worthless.

Example usage: .tedit body Here is some clarification... I'm simply saying the spread on the shotgun is pretty bonkers when not bracing or ADS'ing. It should be changed.

Picture will let you add, change, or remove a picture for your thread. You can provide a URL of a picture (It MUST be a picture! No gifs or videos) or send it as an attachment with the command. What this will do is either add or replace the current picture in the original message posted by Threadstorm.

Example: .tedit picture


A moderator is somebody that has either the manage_messages or manage_channels permissions for the guild. If you have these permissions, this section is for you!

As a moderator, you get access to a few commands to help moderate channels Threadstorm creates. You get access to:

  • .tlock
  • .tunlock
  • .tedit
  • .tdelete

.tlock is pretty self-explanitory. This will essentially lock the thread. Nobody will be able to post in the channel except people that have the moderator permissions (manage_messages & manage_channels). You can provide a reason for the lock that will be displayed also.

Example: .tlock Severally off-topic conversation

.tunlock is also what you'd expect. This will restore the permissions as they were when .tlock was invoked.

.tedit works exactly the same as it does for a normal user. However, you get to use these commands on threads that are not your own. You can remove a picture if it's rule breaking, change the title, or append text. As a note, when you as a moderator edit a thread, it will be made obvious it was a mod edit. The edit history will show the date of a moderator edit and users can use deduction skills to find out what was changed/appened.

.tdelete is the more extreme version of .tlock. This deletes the thread from the server. There is no confirmation for this so be careful!