Threadstorm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions so you can potentially get an answer faster!

Q: Can I change the cooldown?

Not yet! I'm working on writting my own cooldown function to allow different guilds to have their own unique cooldowns. This will take time so there is no planned release for it.

Q: Can I BYPASS the cooldown?

Yes! You are able to add specific roles that are allowed to bypass the cooldown. Currently, these roles are referred to as admin_roles but do nothing past cooldown bypassing. To view how to enable this and add roles, head on over to the .settings command section LINK NEEDED.

Q: Can I limit how can make a thread?

Also yes! This operates essentially the same as the admin roles but these roles cannot bypass the cooldown. To learn how to enable this feature, go to the .settings command section LINK NEEDED.

Q: What is the cooldown?

Currently, the cooldown is 2 threads per 2 hours. This is to help reduce channel creation spam from a single user.

Q: How long do I have to wait until an inactive channel is deleted?

By default, this is 3 days. The bot scans all active threads once per day to see if any of the channels meet their specific inactivity date. Because of this, it's possible a channel may stick around for another day or two due to when the last scan was ran and when the last message was sent.

In addition to this, check out the .settings command page to see how to define your own inactivity timer.

Q: Can certain threads be kept?

Yup. Simply use .tkeep in the thread you wish to keep. You will need the manage_channels permission for this to take effect.

Q: Do you update frequently?

I try to. But I work full-time and go to school full-time. I work on this when I can and when I think of things I can add and fix. However, if there is a bot-breaking bug, simply join the support server and let me know what's happening...just make sure the bot has the proper permissions in your server before doing so is all I ask.